Gold or Silver Cartouche Charms – Pendants Handmade by Egyptian artisans

Since 1987, we have had a large selection of Egyptian jewelry Charms , all inspired by ancient Egyptian craftsman and brought to you with over 33 years experience. .


Cartouche charms Pendants Silver
Egyptian Cleopatra silver 9.25 silver or 18K Gold
Egyptian Cleopatra Available in Silver 9.25 Silver or 19K Gold

 Pendants and Jewelry Gold Charms
Gold Jewelry Personalized Handmade Charms
Personalized Gold Egyptian Cartouche Jewelry Handmade

Gold Egyptian charms
Egyptian Gold charms
Cartouche Charms Gold

Gold Egyptian Cartouche 3 Symbols Cartouche (Antique-Finish Jewelry)

Personalized Egyptian Cartouche Jewelry Handmade in 18k Gold

Egyptian Gold 3 Symbols Silver (Antique-Finish Jewelry)

Egyptian Personalized Cartouche Jewelry Handmade in 18k Gold

Gold Egyptian Pendants Jewelry)

Personalized Cartouche Jewelry Handmade in Egyptian 18k Gold

Egyptian silver or Gold jewelry

Cartouche Pendants Silver and Gold


Silver or Gold Jewelry
Egyptian Earrings Silver & Gold Symbols
Gold Egyptian Jewelry
Egyptian Pendants Gold

King Tut Pendants Silver Sterling Silver