Personalized Egyptian charms in silver and 18k Gold handmade by Egyptian artisans

Celebrating 33 years in the business of Importing Egyptian Charms handcrafted in silver and gold from Egypt. Family-owned and operated business located in the heart of the Kansas City Area and Saint Joseph, Missouri USA 800-617-0091

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Silver Cartouche charms
Egyptian Cartouche charms
Silver cartouche charms

Key of Life Ankh Charms
Silver Cartouche Jewelry
Silver ankh charms

Gold Egyptian charms
Egyptian Gold charms
Gold personalized cartouche charms

Silver Egyptian Cartouche 3 Symbols Cartouche (Antique-Finish Jewelry)

Eye of Horus Charms

Silver Egyptian Cartouche 3 Symbols Cartouche (Antique-Finish Jewelry)

Silver Lotus Flower Charms

Silver Egyptian Scarab Charms Jewelry)

Silver Scarab Charms Pendants

Egyptian Cartouche Charms

Cartouche charms Silver and Gold


Cartouche Bracelet - Egyptian Silver Bracelet
Cartouche Earrings
Silver Cartouche bracelets
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