Silver Isis Jewelry
The goddess Isis was worshipped all over Egypt. Some of her titles inluded the "Great Lady", the "God-Mother" and the "Giver of Life". Isis was skilled in the arts of magic. The power of her words compelled others to listed and thereby do her bidding. Egyptian Jewelry & Gifts has been importing personalized Egyptian jewelry from Egypt for over 23 years and online since 2000
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Isis Pendant - Isis Jewelry
SKU: P764
Egyptian Silver Isis

Egyptian Sterling Silver Isis Pendant


SKU: C1088
Silver Personalized Isis Cartouche

Name to be on the cartouche:

Goddess Isis Pendant
SKU: P888
Silver Goddess Isis Pendant

Egyptian sterling silver Isis pendant

SKU: P75
Silver Isis Necklace


Egyptian Isis Silver Cartouche ( Isis Cartouche )

Name to be on the cartouche:


SKU: IN212
Isis Necklace - Egyptian Necklace
 Egyptian Silver Isis Necklace -

Silver Isis Bracelet
SKU: Isis-5109
Silver Isis Bracelet
Egyptian Silver Isis Bracelet

Silver Isis Ring - Egyptian Ring
SKU: R99
Silver Isis Ring
Silver Egyptian Isis Ring

Silver Cartouche - Personalized Eye of Horus Cartouche
SKU: R1088
Silver Anubis Ring
Silver Egyptian Anubis Ring